Io Sogno d’Italia

la fontana

One of my favorite teachers from high school is organizing an Italian excursion next summer. We had an informational meeting today and she succeeded in convincing me that I must participate in this trip. Over 11 days we will be visiting and touring Rome, Naples, Milan, Sicily, Capri and Pompeii, to name a few.

The art, the architecture, the language, the climate, the culture, the wine! At this point in my life, I am convinced that my raison d’être is somehow related to culture and language so therefore how could I turn down the opportunity to visit such a historically and culturally rich region? Obviously, I’m going to have to start teaching myself Italian. What fun is visiting a country where you can’t speak the language (even if the tours are all in English)? Overachievers unite!

Of course, there is the not-so-insignificant fact that I need to somehow obtain several thousand dollars to finance this trip. Somehow, it will be done.


Photo: la fontata from seracat on Flickr

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