It’s Day 4 for my Insanity Challenge and we are still going strong! I have a confession: I skipped Cardio Recovery today and went on a five mile run instead. Don’t get me wrong, stretching is an integral part of any fitness regimen but I was in dire need of some Danny time AND I was dying to break in my new running shoes!

Per usual, I woke up at 7 a.m. and was out the door soon thereafter. Unlike the 75 degree paradise that was Wednesday, Thursday decided to surprise me with a 45 degree morning that was brisk but refreshing. I definitely noticed a major difference in my running; I don’t know whether three days of INSANITY has already boosted by stamina, whether I have more energy from my refined diet or whether my new shoes gave me the extra kick that I needed (probably all three!) but I had an amazing run and felt great afterwards.

Ever since I realized how intense of a program INSANITY really is, I have been consciously trying to boost my protein intake. I don’t eat a lot of meat to begin with but I have been trying to double up on poultry. I just picked up a ton of brown rice and black beans at the grocery store. Beans and rice is one of my favorite dishes, especially with avocado and tomato. It is ridiculously easy to prepare and I can make a huge batch ahead of time that will last a few days. Good nutrition on a busy schedule is all about meal prep! I prepare most of my meals a few days in advance and prepare all of my fruits & veggies for the day early in the morning so that everything stays fresh but is easily accessible throughout the day.

Overall, I am enjoying the program so far. The cardio is more intense than anything that I have ever done before. One of my friends in my Challenge Group remarked it was encouraging to see the performers in the DVD taking extra breaks during the workout (at one point, Tanya yells “I feel like shit!” as she lays on the floor…). I certainly have not made it through any of the workouts so far without stopping but I can feel myself working hard and giving my all.

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