Easy Ways to Live Sustainably and Save Money

Did you know that 2 billion disposable razors, 8 billion single-serving coffee pods and 11.5 billion disposable plastic water bottles end up in landfills every year? These plastics take centuries to decompose and are extremely harmful and dangerous to the environment. I’ve been making a concentrated effort recently to reduce the amount of waste that I produce. Here are a few of the simple things that I’m doing to keep plastic out of the landfill and save money:

Although FLOSSERS are the perfect solution to my big hand/little mouth problem, they are ridiculously wasteful. Find a model of flosser that has a reusable handle and a disposable head; although you are still discarding the head each day, you have significantly reduced the amount of plastic being thrown away.

Same thing with DISPOSABLE RAZORS! Find a razor with a reusable plastic or metal shaft and disposable blades. I’m a big fan of Dollar Shave Club.

You should never pay for SHIPPING MATERIALS! Chances are you have a ton of discarded boxes laying around your house that can easily be repurposed when it’s time to ship out your goodies. Protip: don’t open your packages like a monster and you can easily give your boxes and shipping envelopes new life.

kcupStop the K-CUP madness! Keurig now makes a reusable K-Cup: all you have to do is supply your own ground coffee (and, let’s be honest, K-Cups are hella expensive so a reusable K-Cup will quickly pay for itself). Be warned: even the biodegradable K-Cups aren’t 100% compostable, you actually have to disassemble them and throw away the plastic topper.

bagsPLASTIC GROCERY BAGS should be long gone by now. The litany of plastic bags that you use for 20 minutes between the grocery store and your house take centuries to decompose in a landfill. Invest in some reusable bags, yo! You can find them for free all over the place these days…there’s no excuse not to! Many retailers also offer incentives to bring your own bags.

A lot of people mistakenly believe that ZIPLOC BAGGIES represent the universal portion size of anything and everything. Guess what? FALSE! Invest in some portion control reusable plastic containers for your snacks and you’ll be less likely to eat like a hog and more likely to save the planet.

bottlePlastic WATER BOTTLES make my heart sad. Pick up a reusable water bottle if for no other reason than the skyrocketing cost of vending machine water bottles. Why pay $3 for a bottle of water when you can refill your reusable bottle for FREE? Invest in a good durable water bottle, cheap aluminum bottles will look like you used them to bludgeon somebody to death after a few collisions with the ground.

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I Can’t Wait to Get Divorced

My ultimate relationship goal is to play a role that nobody seems to want to play: that of the Liberated Divorcé. Once my failed marriage has amicably ended in dissolution (aided by the pre-nup upon which  I will certainly insist), I will at long last be free to be openly disinterested in love and to do whatever I want with absolutely no strings attached. Perhaps after I go through the motions of marriage will people be more willing to accept my blasé attitude toward love.


Sadly, I am not quite to that point in my life.

I am on every dating site known to mankind. From the more traditional Match.com to the frivolous okCupid, I have been around the block time and time again to no avail. I have no problem connecting with people; conversation is one of my strong suits. I would even go so far as to say that I love interacting with people – I just cannot find anybody who I find interesting on a  romantic level.

In the interest of full transparency: I am all for casual relationships.  I love meeting new people, going out and having a good time; commitment is where I find myself struggling. I can’t even decide what to wear most days without changing my outfit 17 times so don’t hold your breath for me to make any long term commitments in the foreseeable future.

My dreadful dating skills are compounded by my dislike for people who take themselves too seriously.  If we are just meeting for the first time, especially online, I do not care to know about your PhD,  yacht or dual citizenship (and, yes, these are all things that people have tried to use to impress me). I sincerely hope that people don’t take everything that I say seriously and, as such, there is literally nothing that turns me off more than having to hear about how serious you think you are.

Double standard: I have a career that is Glamorous! and Exciting! so I reserve the right to brag and gloat as much as I see fit.

Despite my indifference to finding “the one”, I nonetheless feel pressure to at least pretend to be looking for love. Everybody else is getting engaged, having babies and buying a home together while I’m sitting in my pajamas at 2pm eating cookies on the couch.

For now, I will continue to dink around on OkCupid. I’ll halfheartedly answer all of my Tinder messages and keep casting my rod into Plenty of Fish (get it? pun intended). Just don’t get your hopes up that you’re going to catch me with a ring on my finger anytime soon.

My mother has said for years that she doesn’t think I will ever get married. Instead, she foresees me impregnating a 20-something when I am in my 40’s and then getting stuck with a gold digger and a bastard child.

Thanks, mom!

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