Getting Fit in 2013

“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.”

-Kevin Mark Trudeau

After the overwhelmingly positive results that my diet has generated and the heightened interest from friends/family/followers, I decided to pen a comprehensive guide to my fitness plan. There are five major tenants that comprise the plan that I have devised; here they are in detail with the research to back them up. I have:

1. Cut out red meat

From my research, red meat is a hidden threat that has flown under the radar undetected. I was unaware of the potential dangers of red meat until I began to do comprehensive background research. Similarly to dairy, red meat is high in saturated fat (which raises cholesterol) and can cause digestive problems. Many foods that come from red meat also contain preservative agents and astronomically high levels of sodium. I wasn’t aware until I began researching that certain grilling techniques can also increase the amount of carcinogenic compounds in red meat.

Protein is certainly an integral part of any diet. Instead of beef, I have been substituting turkey in many cases. Turkey burgers are a frequent favorite of mine. Turkey is high in protein and vitamin B and contains very little fat. Chicken is also a go-to protein in my diet (grilled or baked, never fried). When I’m not eating meat, legumes provide and excellent source of protein.

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