Danny’s writing is read by millions of readers each month on Discovery.com, Shark Feed and Discovery News. His work has appeared in syndication on Space.com and on Discovery Networks International websites in several different languages. Here are some of his greatest hits:

OCEARCH’s Chris Fischer on Starting a Shark Research Revolution: ‘It Takes All of Us’ | Shark research organization OCEARCH is at the forefront of a conservation revolution, and its origins are about as unorthodox as its open source, social media-driven approach to conservation. We caught up with OCEARCH Founding Chairman and Expedition Leader Chris Fischer to learn more about how his organization is redefining wildlife conservation in the 21 century. Read more »

5 times ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ blazed a trail | ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ was heralded as a figurehead of the women’s movement during its seven-year run. Noted as a new brand of workplace comedy, ‘TMTMS’ followed the trials and tribulations of Mary’s career as a producer at the fictional WJM-TV, effortlessly addressing many issues that had never before been so boldly explored on television. Read more »

Dating app The League aims to pair up Houston’s next power couple | It’s 2017, and the state of online dating is almost laughable. Ask anybody who’s dedicated any significant amount of time to finding their match on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, OKCupid or any other dating app, and you’re bound to hear a myriad of horror stories of flakes, catfishes and downright creeps. But despite all of the noise in the online dating space, one relatively new and ultra-exclusive app claims to be different from the rest, and it has set its sights on Houston. Read more »

Indonesia is Burning: How Did We Get Here? | In 1997, more than 12 million acres of rainforest across Indonesia burned to the ground, creating a monstrous cloud of haze that stretched from Sri Lanka to Australia. The fires caused $3.5 billion in damage across southeast Asia, sent 543 million tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and caused respiratory problems in an estimated 20 million Indonesians. Read more »

Flip the Script: Is it Fair to Call Them Shark ‘Attacks’? | Why are we so attached to the notion that sharks “attack” humans? A group of marine biologists is trying to change the way that we talk about sharks. Read more »

Fins Up for #BabyFinn | Great white sharks are more than just a cool animal to Kelly and Mike Bluemthal and their newborn son, Finn. The apex predators of the oceans represent resilience — a fighting spirit that keeps them positive, even in the toughest of times. Read more »

Town Rejects Solar Panels That Would ‘Suck up All the Energy From the Sun’ | A North Carolina town council approved a sweeping moratorium on solar power development after residents expressed fears that solar panels cause cancer and drain the sun’s energy, which would leave their town dark and devoid of plant life. Read more »